Канал Debbie Doo Kids TV

Have you seen my Wheels on the Bus DANCE video? Rock, pop & disco styles all in one! #shorts ????????????
Enjoy my functional fitness SUPER squatting song! The Debbie Doo Live series, coming soon! #shorts
Snippet of Icky Sticky Bubblegum movement style! Our heart will love us for it! ????❤️⭐️ #shorts
Snippet of my pencil grip song from the upcoming Debbie Doo LIVE shorts series! #shorts
Have you heard my super squatting song? Basic body weight exercise for strong muscles! ???? #shorts
A snippet of my worldwide hit song with a sports twist! ⚽️ #shorts
Have you seen my favourite dance move? My song Roll your Hands is made for dancing! ????#shorts
Have you heard my pencil grip song? Strengthening fine motor skills is fun! ????❤️#shorts
Have you heard my rock n roll dance song? Music is a wonderful motivator! #shorts ⭐️????
All aboard the Debbie Doo Dance Bus! ???? #shorts #wheelsonthebus
How do I get any work done?!#shorts ????????❤️
Let’s Dance It’s Halloween! ????#shorts #halloween
Канал Debbie Doo Kids TV

Welcome to the fun world of Debbie Doo TV where you will move, learn, dance, sing and most importantly have FUN! Here you will find original music written by Debbie Doo such as world wide favorites 'Let's Star Jump' and 'Roll Your Hands' plus all your favorite nursery rhymes and childhood classics all performed in the unique Debbie Doo way. Music is my life and I look forward to sharing the joy of it with you and your little ones :) Ready Mr. Music!