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Colors Chant | ELF Learning
HULA POKEY | Hawaiian Hokey Pokey | ELF Learning
ABC Jump! - April - Edition 1 - by ELF Learning
Spring is here. Watch the full video on @elfkids! #springsong #spring
Let’s Build A Snowman! Some of our students sent this to us. Aren’t they cute?!
Learn English - My Class Book - Pre 2 - October - Halloween Episode!
Scary Halloween Story for Kids - Halloween Blackout - by ELF Learning
The ABC Song - Faster and Faster - by ELF Learning
Falling Snowflakes - A Winter Counting Song - by ELF Learning
Scary Halloween Story for Kids - The Devil's Mask - by ELF Learning
Recording Textbook Audio and Video #mapleleaflearning
How Many Leaves? - A Simple Fall Counting Song for Kids by ELF Learning
Канал ELF Kids Videos

ELF Kids Videos is a learning and entertainment channel just for KIDS! ELF makes fun songs and videos for children around the world. We've created a fun mix of animated songs, vocabulary videos for EFL/ESL children, and a lot of alphabet, phonics and reading videos for young learners to enjoy. If you enjoy our videos, please SUBSCRIBE!