Видеоблог Кидс Диана Шоу (Kids Diana Show)

Diana and Roma found slime on the beach
Diana and Roma walk in the Dinosaur park & Museum of Illusions
Diana and the New Candy Series
Diana and Roma staged a chocolate challenge
Diana and Roma have fun playing at the Indoor Playground for kids
Diana tastes different Ice Cream
Diana and Roma argue over toy surprises
Diana and Roma - Collection new series for children
Diana & Christmas presents for Princesses
Diana and Dad are preparing for the Christmas
Diana Pretend Play Gummy food vs Real food
Diana and funny cases with Roma
Diana & Presents Day today
Diana and her Magical stories
Diana, Roma and their fun adventures
Diana and Roma playing Professions
Diana Pretend Play with Kids Makeup kits
Diana and her school morning routine Диана и ее утренняя рутина
Diana wants to be taller & jump on a trampoline
Diana and Roma find toy surprises
Diana and stories for children about animals
Diana and Candy day
Diana and Roma play with Frozen 2 toys
Diana and Roma pretend play with magic sweets
Dina plays with dad - a storybook for children
Diana wants to play with dad
Diana and Roma prepare desserts for dad
Diana and Roma learn good habits by playing police
Diana play with new LOL surprise
Diana and Roma play the lottery
Diana wants to play sports
Diana and Dad are getting ready for Christmas
Diana and Roma did not share Squishy & slime
Diana and Roma Pretend Play Selling Ice Cream
Diana settled Roma in her room
Diana and her new Princess Room
Diana and Roma unpack color surprises
Diana really want to have a pets
Diana and Roma make a Giant slime
Diana and Funny Stories for girls - Compilation video
Diana, Roma and Baby tricks
Diana as Princess Elsa and Anna
Diana Getting ready for Halloween party
Diana and Halloween stories
Diana Pretend Play Firefighter & Saves Dad
Diana and Dad - The Story of the Magic Wand
Diana, Roma and Simple Rules for Children
Diana and Dad - Funny Stories for Kids
Diana and Roma play Outdoor Games and have fun with Dad
Diana and Roma open Boxes with toys
Diana and Roma play with Dad on the Beach
Diana Chooses a Halloween Costume
Diana and Roma Pretend Play with Fun Inflatable Toys
Diana is going to the Princess Ball
Diana and Roma are preparing a Surprise for Dad's birthday
Diana changes dresses and turns into princesses
Диана и Рома - смешные истории для детей
Diana play with New toys
Diana and Roma in the Museum of Selfie
Diana and her Sleeping Beauty story
Diana and Roma Getting Ready for School
Diana and dad are going to the dentist
Diana and the story about toy animals
Dolls Run Away from Diana
Diana and her camping adventure
Diana and Roma Pretend Play Police
Diana & Magic PlayHouse for Children
Diana and the bedtime story for children
Diana Dress Up for a Princesses Party
Diana and Roma do not share toys
Diana is Waiting for a Friend, dresses up and does makeup
Diana & Roma want candy
Diana and Roma Playing Outdoor Toys
Diana & Roma Play Ice Cream Shop with Maggie
The Boo Boo Story from Diana and Maggie
Diana & Maggie Pretend Play Fun Playtime with Color Balloons
Diana & Maggie pretend play with girl toys
Diana dresses the wedding dress
The Boo Boo Story from Diana and Roma
Diana and new Toy Story with Giant Surprise eggs
Diana wants to be a Princess
Diana and Roma - Kindergarten Graduation
Diana sews beautiful dresses
Diana as Ladybug jumped out of the tablet
Diana and Princess Day today
Diana and Roma repairing playhouses
Diana and story about the Magic Wand
Diana & Maggie both want the same dress
Diana and Papa having fun playing at the Water Park
Diana and Roma play Outdoor Games & Activities for kids
Diana makes fruit Ice Cream
Diana and Roma Under the Bed story
Diana and Roma play with Giant Teddy bears
Diana playing Car Wash with Cleaning Toys
Diana pretend babysitting cry baby dolls
Diana plays with Disney Princess Rapunzel Doll
Diana and Roma play with interactive toy puppy
Diana dress up like a Princess
Diana and Funny Stories about toys
Diana and Roma pretend play Easter Surprise Eggs Hunt
Diana Playing Animal Hospital
Diana and Roma play with a Dog and older sister
Diana's 5th Birthday Party
Diana is going to the princess ball
Diana Pretend Play Talent Show with Musical Instruments Toys for Kids
Diana and Roma Playing with Toy Cubes
Diana and Roma play with Surprise Eggs & open toys
Diana Pretend Play with Building Block Toy
Diana and Roma play with Big toys
Diana and Roma Playing with Toy Blocks
Diana play with Funny Balloons
Diana pretend play with eggs surprise toys
Diana and Roma ride bikes - Police Adventure!
Diana and Roma Playing with Toy Blocks
Diana and New Playhouse, Beautiful toys for girls
Diana and Roma play with Giant Surprise eggs
Diana pretend play makeup toys
Diana and Princess Day
Diana play with New Toy Bus
Diana pretend play with Wild Animals Toys
Diana and Roma pretend play with Inflatable water slide
Diana Pretend Play Toy store
Diana and Peppa Pig Theme Park
Diana and Roma playing with HUGE EGGS Surprise Toys
Diana pretend play with giant PlayHouse toy
Diana as a Toddler, Roma pretend play a nanny for Diana
Diana Dress Up in Princess and Playing With Toys
Diana Pretend Play with Giant Food Toy
Diana and Roma pretend play climbing with activity toys
Funny Stories With Toys | Compilation video with Diana and Roma
Diana Pretend Play Ice Cream Shop
Diana Pretend Play with Toy Sewing machine
Diana Playing with new Friends & pretend play with toys
Diana Pretend Play with Girl Toys & Barbie doll
Диана делает прически на День рождения
Diana and her Brother Playing In The Rain
Diana and Lera Selling Cookies Get A Toys
Diana and Giant toy Eggs with Surprise
Diana and Minnie Mouse Birthday
Diana - LIKE IT - Kids Song (Official Video)
Diana Pretend Play Dress Up and Make Up Toys
Diana Pretend Play with Princess Carriage Inflatable Toy
Diana and Monsters under the Bed
Diana plays with Toy Horses
Diana Pretend Play Beauty Salon
Diana and GRINCH who stole New Year's Presents
Diana pretend play with New toy car
Diana and The Best videos of 2018 by Kids Diana Show
Diana and New toys
Diana and new Cinderella story
Diana Cleans The House to get toys
Diana and Hidden Surprise Toys
Diana Pretend Play with Toys and Dolls
Diana аnd Kids Make Up Toys
Diana Pretend Play with Ride On Horse Toy
Diana and Christmas Presents
Diana Pretend Play with Princess carriage toy
Diana and Toys from Goldfish
Diana Pretend Cooking With Cute Kitchen toys
Diana and girl toys
Diana Pretend Play with new Toy Cars
Diana Pretend Play Dress Up and New Make Up toys
Diana and Funny dog toy
Diana Pretend Cooking with New Kitchen Toy
Diana buys a New PlayHouse
Diana Pretend Play Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Haul
Diana and Barbie Party
Diana and 10 Million Subscribers! Presents and toys for Diana
Diana and New Trampoline, Dad Left Alone With Kids
Diana and the lost Doll
Diana and New Rapunzel doll
Diana and Toys Delivery
Diana and Papa Pretend Play car wash
Диана и непослушная Кукла / Diana Pretend Play with Baby Doll & Toys
Diana and her Barbie car - Camping adventure
Diana playing with Ice Cream toys - a fun story for kids about twins
Диана устала и хочет СПАТЬ / Diana wants to sleep
Диана собирается на День Рождения / Dianа is going to a birthday
Diana Pretend play with Fun Food Truck Toy
Diana and Roma Plays with toy horses
Diana feeds animals at the zoo
Diana and Roma Pretend Play with PlayHouse for children
Diana pretend play with Magic Box
Diana and Roma fun play at the theme park Peppa Pig
Diana and Roma Pretend Play SuperMarket
Diana and Roma playing in cafe
Диана как ЗОЛУШКА / Diana as Cinderella Funny kids story
Diana and Roma pretend play hide and seek with Dad at farm sheep
Диана и бардак в доме! Kids clean the house
Diana Pretend Play Babysitting Cry Baby Dolls / Nursery Playset Girl Toys
Диана и волшебное Зеркало! Diana and Roma Pretend Play with Makeup Play Table Toy
Superhero Roma comes to help little Diana
Диана как НЯНЯ для Ромы! Diana pretend play a nanny
Диана и новые игрушки - День подарков для детей / Diana and new toys, Boxing Day for children
Диана ждёт Гостей и делает макияж / Diana Waiting For a Friend, dresses up and does makeup
Диана и Папа одни дома Видео для детей / Papa Left Alone With Diana
Diana Pretend Play with Playhouse Tent Toy
Diana and new friends Toys
Diana and Funny Cat eats Breakfast and Plays
Roma and Diana plays at Indoor Playground Family Fun Play Area for Kids fun Play time
Diana looking for colored Toys, video for kids with Finger Family song
Diana ana Roma playing School
Diana pretend play at the CHILDREN'S MUSEUM, Indoor playground Fun for kids activities
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? Songs with Roma and Diana
Diana Pretend Play with Giant Indoor Inflatable Playhouse Kids Toy
Roma and Diana Pretend Play Cooking Food Toys with Kitchen Play Set
Roma and Diana vs Pesky Flies! Аnd other Funny Stories by Kids Diana Show
Diana helps Mommy! Kids Pretend Play with Cleaning Toys!
Diana and her super fun day with Baby Doll
Diana Pretend Play in the Amusement Park! Family Fun Adventures with Kids Diana Show
Diana pretend play Professions for kids, Story in the Children's museum
Roma and Diana play fun with Favorite toys, Funny Stories by Kids Diana Show
Diana Pretend Play with Baby Baloons
Diana and Papa Pretend Play with toy Musical Instruments
Roma and Diana plays at the 3D Art in Paradise MUSEUM, Fun for kids activities
Diana plays at the Supermarket and doing Shopping with Baby Doll
Roma and Diana Pretend Play with toys and Playhouse, Top Videos by Kids Diana Show!
Рома и Диана играют в прятки с родителями Roma and Diana plays Hide and Seek in the Hotel
Do You Like Spaghetti Ice Cream? Super Simple Song by Kids Diana Show
Игра "Найди Фрукт" Рома или Диана - Кто Быстрее?
Roma and Diana Pretend Play with Playhouse for kids
VLOG Наш Номер в Таиланде Рум Тур / Room tour
Диана работает Моделью, тушит пожар, выступает на сцене в Городе профессий для детей
Подарок Бокс от Кидландия для Дианы! Детский парк профессий в Киеве
Рома играет с необычной Куклой Реборн / Roma Pretend Play with unusual Baby Doll
Диана как МАМА и новая Одежда для куклы Беби Бон
Kids Playroom Lady Land with houses and dolls Barbie
Дом куклы Барби - Самая большая Игрушка Барби на Kids Diana Show / Barbie Doll House
Fun Outdoor Playground for Children Activities
Roma and Diana play on the playground Happy day with family
VLOG Диана катается на новом велосипеде PRIDE AMELIA
Diana build Playhouse for the Minion!
Roma and Daddy plays with Balloons, Finger family song
Roma and Papa play a funny story
День Рождения Дианы, 4 года 01. 04. 2018. Супер Праздник Принцессы!
Diana pretend play with Baby Dolls and girl toys
Little Diana plays on the Outdoor Payground, Three little kittens song
Диана и огромный ЛОЛ Diana found LOL Pearl Surprise, Pretend Play toy for kids
Диана УЧИТСЯ СЧИТАТЬ. Обучающие наборы для детей от Школы Будущего
Nursery Rhymes song for Children - 10 Minutes Best kids songs with Diana
Diana draws animals with children's paints
Диана и Новый LOL Surprise Confetti POP! Что умеют Новые Куклы ЛОЛ Сюрприз?
Diana pretend play with Baby Dolls, Funny Kids videos with Toys by Kids Diana Show
Приключение Дианы и ее Игрушек в лесу!
ПОСЫЛКА - СЮРПРИЗ от ZetBox! Супер Подарки для Мамы и Дианы!
Rain Rain Go Away Song with Diana's Family
Диана и Рома играют в Школу. Почему нельзя кушать JELLY BELLY на уроках?
Игрушки Шопкинс спрятались от Дианы, ищем Сюрпризы и строим Домик для Shopkins!
Roma pretend play with Baby Alive dolls
Открываем ПОДАРКИ от YouBox для Дианы, Ромы, Мамы и Папы. Что там внутри? Посылки с Сюрпризами!
Diana Roma and Non-stop Hiccups
Doing Shopping with Roma Diana and Baby Doll
Diana plays with Nail polish for kids
Magic Mirror grants wishes of Diana and Roma
Diana with Mommy doing shopping in a toy store Funny video for kids and toddlers
Hello Hello song for kids by Diana
Diana pretend play with new Toys Unicorn, Dog, Dragon - Funny toys for kids
Diana pretend play with Baby Doll Funny videos compilation by Kids Diana Show
Диана открывает ЖЕМЧУЖНЫЙ ЛОЛ LOL Pearl Surprise
Диана как МАМА и Куклы пупсики Беби Бон Diana pretend play with toys Are you sleeping brother John
Диана КАК МАМА с куклой Беби Бон Diana pretend play Little Mommy for Baby Born
Roma and Diana Pretend Play with Nail polish for kids
Diana Pretend Play with ice cream Cart Toys
Diana plays Hide and Seek with Disney Princess Dolls Video for kids
Diana and Roma plays with Mom and inflating balloons
The Adventures of Diana and her toys outdoors
Diana Little Mommy Pretend play with LOL Surprise
Diana plays with color Lipstick / Finger Family song
Diana plays with color balls and Finger Family song / Video for children with Kids Diana Show
Diana Pretend BABYSITTING Baby Dolls
Diana draws and to name Fruit Educational Video for kids and toddlers with Kids Diana Show
Roma and Diana on Birthday Party
Diana pretend play with toy Kitchen and preparing breakfast
Little girl Diana have fun playing on the Outdoor playground, Kids video
Diana is playing with Play Doh toys for kids Toddlers Video
Diana Pretend Play with toy vacuum cleaner
Diana plays with balloons in dresses of princesses
Diana Pretend Play Babysitting Cry Baby Dolls
VLOG Рум Тур в Америке Room tour 2018 New house Roma and Diana in America, Miami. Kids Video
Diana makes Make up for Baby Doll
Diana plays with Slime for children
Diana and crying Baby Born dolls behind the door
Diana - Little Mommy for Baby doll
Diana plays with Squishy Balls, video for children & toddlers
Diana fun playing outdoors and looking for colored chairs
Diana playing with Baby Born Doll Videos for children
Diana plays with colored Foam
Диана открывает Календарь Diana Opens Advent Calendar "Olaf's Frozen Adventure"
Vlog Едем в Парк Lakes Park Family fun We ride a huge bicycle and a locomotive
Диана играет в парке с куклой и встречает Животных
Диана открывает календарь Барби Diana Opens Advent Calendar with Barbie doll surprise for kids
Diana Playing with Colored Balloons
Diana teaches the names of fruits and vegetables Video for toddlers
Наш первый гироскутер HOVERBOARD CHALLENGE! Halo Rover Family Fun Playtime with Diana and Roma
VLOG Мои ИГРУШКИ My Toys: Sky, Barbie doll house, Pikmi Pops surprise Video for kids and toddlers
VLOG Подарки под подушкой Роме и Диане от Святого Николая Видео для детей, Video for children
VLOG Рома и Диана с собачками PEPPY PETS летят в Америку Видео для Детей
Играем в Салон Красоты, Мелки для волос - красим Диане Волосы в разные Цвета Видео для Детей
Диана распаковывает Pom Pom Wow - Интересные игрушки для Девочек
Празднуем День Рождение Куклы Беби Бон - МНОГО ПОДАРКОВ и Торт Видео для Детей
Диана в образе Минни Маус - на Пикнике Новые игрушки Минни Маус - Принцессы Диснея
Диана и игрушки Hello Kitty на БАТУТЕ, Хелло Китти Toys for Girls
500.000 ПОДПИСЧИКОВ на Kids Diana Show Подарки для Дианы - СВИНКА ПЕППА и ЭЛЕКТРОМОБИЛЬ
День Рождения Дианы - Подарки от Свинки Пеппа Peppa Pig as a present Happy Birthday
Мультфильм Кидс Диана Шоу (Kids Diana Show)

Популярный и модный видео контент на YouTube Кидс Диана Шоу с участием маленьких исследователей сегодня создается их родителями с целью заработка денег. Видео о детях-блогерах генерирует колоссальный объем трафика, миллионы просмотров и огромные суммы дохода. Рейтинги YouTube каналов обошли маститых русскоязычных блогеров, и оставили позади даже самого опытного ютубера Ивана Гая. По данным некоторых ресурсов, короткие передачи о детях – востребованный контент на YouTube в Украине.

История создания контента о детях - видеоблогерах Кидс Диана Шоу

Детский канал Кидс Диана Шоу создан родителями главной героини видеоклипов по аналогии разрекламированного блога о Кате и Максе. Серия видеороликов о детях из Киева изначально создавалась, как семейный архив. Потом, родители Дианы решили организовать коммерческий канал-клон с одинаковой тематикой, манерой общения и подачей информации. Уже в 2015 украинские детишки возрастной группы от 3-х лет наслаждались милыми роликами о белокурой девочке и ее приключениях.

Чтобы детский канал Кидс Диана Шоу заработал и получил популярность, семейная пара использовала несколько ключевых принципов:

·         регулярное обновление историй о ребенке;

·         подача материала в положительном настроении с веселым акцентом и использованием уменьшительно-ласкательный слов;

·         использование ярких и красочных картинок, которые так привлекают малышей;

·         демонстрация разнообразных детских игрушек.

Секрет популярности Кидс Диана Шоу

Целевая аудитория – дети, они самые благодарные и преданные фанаты. Поэтому детские каналы сегодня рулят. Малышам так нравится наблюдать, как маленькая девочка в блоге Kids Diana Show испытывает машинки, горки, велосипеды, а еще вынимает из коробок красивых кукол, учит английский язык, исследует аттракционы, поет и путешествует. Малыши очень любят следить за событиями в жизни Дианы, ее открытиями, веселыми песенками, интересными поучительными играми, игрушками и другими детскими радостями.

Симпатия аудитории подтверждается многочисленными просмотрами и огромным многомиллионным количеством подписчиков. За период существования канала истории о веселой девочке Диане завоевали рейтинг бриллиантового лидера. Передача Kids Diana Show увеличивает доход семьи на 100 тысяч долларов каждый месяц.

Каждая девочка мечтает быть подружкой Дианы, хочет вместе учиться и играть