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Seven Days of the Week Song - The Kiboomers Learning Songs for Preschoolers
Body Parts Wiggle Dance - The Kiboomers Action Songs for Preschoolers
It's the Gummy Bear Song! Come sing and dance along with The Kiboomers #shorts
Gummy Bear Song - The Kiboomers Dance Song for Kids
Meet the Color Orange Song - The Kiboomers Color Songs for Preschool
Teddy bear
Teddy Bear Hokey Pokey - The Kiboomers Movement Songs for Preschoolers
Pass the Bean Bag Freeze Game with The Kiboomers! Preschool fun! #shorts
Pass the Bean Bag Songs for Preschoolers - The Kiboomers Freeze Dance Game
Emotions Freeze Dance Game - The Kiboomers Feelings Songs for Preschoolers
Let’s do the Feelings and Emotions Freeze Dance with The Kiboomers #shorts
Канал The Kiboomers - Kids Music Channel

Welcome to The Kiboomers MUSIC on YouTube! Kids Songs for the PreK classroom. This is THE place to listen to all our songs for kids. Our songs will help your children learn colors, shapes, counting, numbers, reading and language skills, nursery rhymes, dance and movement. The Kiboomers award-winning music consists of more than 500 songs to date. On this channel, you will find a selection of kids videos that showcase our music. With millions sold, The Kiboomers continue to be the brand of choice for parents and teachers.